People Don't Change

by Amethyst

People are like seasons
They do not change
or listen to reason
You can talk until your face is blue
They might even agree with you
A shaky truce is called
and you think spring is upon you
But bit by bit they revert
You talked until your throat hurt
for naught
You're screaming and arguing all the time
You're both behind enemy lines
People don't change
they revert
like teeth without a retainer
and curls with a relaxer
One might change for a period
You think they've finally listened
and you're in heaven
until the days grower shorter
and the peace is again shattered
You holler to ears that are deaf
you are so angry, you rage!
You're wasting your breath
for people don't change
don't hold on firmly
like a child to summer
As the days grow shorter
let go
accept people for who they are
or let them go
People are not altered
cut them out like a cancer
and be not bothered
for people don't change

People Don't Change by Amethyst

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