Was The Rainbow Enuff?

by Alyce

~inspired by Sista/Poet/Playwright Ntozake Shange....
"For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide
 When The Rainbow Is Enuf"~

this is for the colored girls who considered suicide back in the 70s when we wore our nat'rals neat & threw up Black Power fists with Roy Innes in the skreets South Central was still a nice neighborhood back then... b-4 the '62 chevy represented the 'set' you was in this is for the single mamas working that swang shift and all the "big mamas" bouncing grand chullin on hips lawd knows the needs a sista had at night hungry for the one who rocked it right... this is for the wemmenz who loved strong and hung tuff hoping they babies babies will see the rainbow WUZ enuff

Was The Rainbow Enuff? by Alyce

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