by Alyce

for the original BMW (Black Men Working)

I see you every day on the boulevard
suited up, Stacy Adams shined & laced
buttoned down and collared crisp...
brief case in hand
serious looking
beautifully gifted
phenomenal... man

That scent you wear, a masculine
mix of natural oils on your clean
shaven skin tickles my ...yin
and I declare you handle
your business...

and I just...

dig the way you slang that
hammer, tooled-to-death in leather
belts slipped provocatively
around your firm hips
the work that
drill with an artist's skill
hard hat, heavy gloves, protectors
of the fount of your dreams
and hands just rough enough to hold
your lover tenderly...

just watching you
climb high above city streets balancing
the weight of family and societal ills...
takes me swirling into vertigo...
knowing what I know...

You see me looking...too

and I watch you, every day...
in your coats and collars of many your uniforms of choice
or necessity...traversing in
your various modes of transportation
heads held high no matter the
conditions of your hearts

All these thoughts well up inside
as a smile blossoms on my face
easily matching the one on yours...

PhenoMENal by Alyce

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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