Can't "Poet" The Pain Away

by Alyce

i have no words
for the sorrow

when touching
is like fingernails
peeling back
fresh wounds
of tender skin

when keeping
out is as painful
as coming in

& kissing
is a cruel
of what rhymes

ooh how it hurts to feel
a broken heart

and so hard not
to caress the
damaged part

we try to predict
but so
of the next day

...whether it finds us
standing or
blown ...completely away

yet still close
enough to

the holding
and sharing
and the shifting

the loving
then the learning
we're not the same

tho sweetly
tied by offspring
and this good name

(intended for--ever
not just to borrow)

i just can't find words
for the sorrow

Can't "Poet" The Pain Away by Alyce

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