The Fecundity Of Her Fountain

by Alyce

inspired by Poet Arlene Hunter, author of
"Between These Thighs"

i am but one of the faithful followers
of the fallopian philosophies that
flow from her fountain

daily, i cum
to explore new truths
within the folds of
vaginal walls of higher

utilizing the facility of
intrauterine science, she teaches
she admonishes us all
to discover the phallic/ies
of archaic traditions
and all the previously held
dogma which
had only served to
keep us from reaching


in my studies
i have found it is
more than the parting of the thighs ~
that is only the beginning
of our journey into truth

and i see her clearly
braided and bedecked in
black high heeled boots
in her nubile nubian splendor
high and lifted up
upon the pulpit of the pubis

saying to all of us
that there is more to learn
about our natures, and it is time
to delve deeper than the
punanny and determine
whether or not we are truly
the same under the foreskins

it is time to cum to terms
with the purposes for which we
were born..that our
vulva-lution will take root
only when we begin to
acknowledge life beyond
our genitals...

that foreplay is only the
introduction to total "us"awareness
and copulation opens all avenues
to the give and take necessary in
communicating, transmitting,
transferring, transforming...

and the semen is but one-half
of the adhesive properties which
seals us and thrusts us toward
our greater interdependence
our "at-one-ment"

she tells me more than
the naked eye can see...
down in my privates,
she reaches me

she writes in words perfect
for the 'discerning mind'
and encourages close encounters
of the spiritual kind

The Fecundity Of Her Fountain by Alyce

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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