The Age Of My Dawning

by Alyce

"after love comes the thunder", quoth the Poet

and so I stood
high and naked on a moonless
night to prove all things
awaiting the dawning of my age
for my time of life had come
(thought I)

and the elements
of the deep joined forces
to meet my challenge
test my metal
my sincerity
I was tried by the fire
drenched by the flood
I was cut by the blade
of truth's two-edged sword
and covered blood

dashed to the earth
within an inch of my life
tasted the dust from the soles
of another's shoes
wore the cloak of my own
handmade strife

Lightening struck my third
blinding me to ignorance
wisdom sprang forth
from the loins of understanding
and knowledge
that I may keep mind/body/soul

I was humbled,
yea humiliated
and lay prostrate on the ground
I murmured unintelligible verbiage
afraid my self might never be found

after love came not only
thunder, but the blessed assurance
that I can live with or without
in peace & completely free

and only God is
all in all

after love there is so much
more to gain...

after all this time

I see

The Age Of My Dawning by Alyce

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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