Broke Asses

by Alyce

broke ass peoples
upset me...
hurts my heart
when I see my brothaz
step to my sistaz
like they got
gold trim from the
base to the rim

when all that glitters
is in they mouth

and can't even articulate
what they talkin bout

and all the sistaz ain't even
in bandanas...
and slippers
tacky and

acting like theirs
is pearl-lined and
triple fine

(Lawd haf mer c
on me and mine)

broke ass people
and I don't mean
material deprivation
it's more like the
result of mental starvation...

I'm speakin
of the void of understandin
low on knowledge
folks rollin on empty
in the think tank
ain't thinkin bout college

I'm sayin there's
a lack of learnin goin on
people walkin round
with holes in they souls
with no fruits of the Spirit
folks who despise
the Truth
and don't wanna hear it

broke ass people
my sista, my brotha
all my neighbors
and we need to help
one anotha...

so I figure if somebody
loves me enuff
they need to tell me
hard-to-hear stuff

don't worry bout
softenin me up
with too much kindness
cuz I'm also guilty
of selective

just back me up to
the nearest mirror
so I can see my
broke ass
a lil mo clearer

Broke Asses by Alyce

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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