The Abyss

by Alyce

Standing on the precipice of love, 
well, what disguises itself as love 
to those who know not 
(ignorant/blind to the qualities thereof) 

as I was saying… 

standing on the edge of inexperience, 
misconception, no direction 
(subsequently, NO protection) ~ 
as if we need to protect ourselves… 

we be like, 
sleep walking 
fast talking ourselves into the unknown 

it don't have to be so 
others have gone this way 

& lived to tell 
about the living hell 
inside life's deepest, 
darkest well 

of that bottomless pit 
of the ego trip 
the ugly underbelly 
of vain glory 
(can a sista TELL the story?) 

of the flip side 
of the joy ride… 

the domestic violence 
the miseducation 
the NON sense 

the "BUT I LUV HIM" 
wheneva he goes upside 
yo dome 

the neverending nightmare 
of PO leece cars 
when they sirens blare 

wakin neighbors 
all times of night 
another ghetto nikka fight 

& neva wanna let 
tha charges stick 
can't STAND to be 
without tha~dikk… 

cycle, vicious 
life? HELL! 
love? WHAT? 
then death… 

oh well 

we stand upon the precipice of something 
that could be everything beautiful 
if we would but look 
before we leap 

into the deep 


The Abyss by Alyce

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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