Black is Beautiful

by Alphallah Williams

1 star 2 star 3 stars are bright
Your essence is the meaning of life
Your beauty is a distraction 
You are the main attraction
Your smile is gentle and warm 
Without it I couldn't go on
Living in sadness is a thing of the past
I gave my heart up just for a laugh
Your voice is soft just like a feather
With you I'll walk through any weather
You are too special for 1 world to keep 
Like an exotic dish I would love to eat
I'm a little stingy so I wouldn't share
And in my world you wouldn't care
Looking at you is too hard of a test
In the eyes of GOD you are the best
Creation, that was created to walk this earth
You are too pretty, a gift and a curse
What do I say to a women of your stature
If you were a cold I'd love to catch you
No that was stupid that wasn't right
I guess I'll tell you you're a wonderful sight
To look at all day long
But if I keep dreaming I will go on
Writing this letter and singing this song
Letting you know your BLACK and GOURGEOUS STAY STRONG 

Black is Beautiful by Alphallah Williams

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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