by Quiet Dilemma

"Let her cry for she's a lady"
A Lady
Strong Black and Proud
At least thatís what she portrays on the exterior
Although on the inside
She feels herself inferior
If you look inside her soul you can see
Evidence of the  uses, abuses, and excuses
Holding her head under a dark cloud
Heavy from the burdens she carries
Saddened from the pain she tries to bury
So she cries
Wet salty tears
Trying not to give in to the fears
But itís hard when all youíve been shown for years
Are uses, abuses, and excuses
"Let her dream, for she is a child"
A child
So full of innocence ..once upon a time
Now if you look all you will find
Dreams on hold
Thoughts untold
A warm heart, grown cold
"Let the rain fall down upon her"
Trying not to let herself fall
Deep in the waters of 
Excuses from her mind
Uses from her soul
Abuses that were intertwined
With the memories of the old
"Sheís a free and gentle flower growing wild"
Thatís all she ever wanted to be
Free of the past
Free of the pain
Free of the hurt
Free of the strain
She just wants to grow
Like that perfect red rose
"A free and gentle flower growing wild"

*excerpts from the song "Wildflower"

Wildflower by Quiet Dilemma

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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