The First Time

by Quiet Dilemma

You know Iíve waited for this moment
For as long as Iíve known him
When our souls have made love to each other
Over and over again
When hiz heart has touched my innermost desires
When my mind 
Was intertwined
With hiz thought process
Now itís hard to digest
The fact that weíve finally come together
More than I can ever dream
Much more than I could ever imagine
Hiz caress
On my chest
Making my nipples feel truly blessed
My lips
On hiz hips
Taking that ultimate trip
Used to hear the words
Pussy poppin
Didnít know what that meant
Till he started droppin
Them lips
Them hips
Makin me flip
Doin dips
Thinkin to myself
Damn this brotha got skillz
Givin me chillz
And thrillz
All while he drillz
Fuckin and love makin
All in the same undertakin
Thought those were 2 different actions
Now he makin me think
All othas before just had me lackin
Got me moanin 
And groanin
And explodin
But now
The sunís comin up
Too bad it has to end
But you know what 
Fuck it
Let's start all over again

The First Time by Quiet Dilemma

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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