Chat World

by Quiet Dilemma

You know what?

Iím an internet junkie!!!

Iíve been one for years

Canít deny it any longer

I gotta face my fears

Iím proud of the fact

That I chat with a pack

Know all the lingo

Somebody types


You say "Huh?"

but I know what it means tho

I used to hide the fact to the

"Real World"

That I belong to a culture

Unseen faces

Unknown places

All different races

I would let it be known

A little here

A little there

And most of the looks that I would get

Would just be a big blank stare

You see

If you donít know this world

Then you canít understand this world

But itís ohhh so big this world

Thatís how it hooked this girl

Most people think

Itís just a great big booty call

But im here to point out

Thereís a lot more to this draw

See not everyoneís out to get a piece of ass

You would be surprised at all of the elegance and class

You have doctors lawyers and teachers out there

They hold meetings

Plan rallies

Trying to get the world aware


Don't get me wrong

We love to have fun too

Give some of the best damn parties

If only the outside world knew

You have to picture the grand scheme of things

This world holds the key

To many a manís dream

So I bet you

Donít be so closed minded

Open up and you might see

Thereís so much more to this world

Than whatís shown on T.V.

So turn on your pc

Log on to that site too

And you just might find

Chat will have your ass hooked too!

Chat World by Quiet Dilemma

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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