So Many Times Before

by kkhat

You're hands slides up my thighs and I realize...
we've been in this place before. 
Same space, same face before. 
My heart knows it's wrong and it shouldn't go on 
But my body begs for more, 
Just like the many times before.
I keep my back to you
so you can't see the want for you in my eyes
you wrap your arms around my waist 
and start a slow grind.
I feel the pressure from your nature 
that has awaken
and begun to rise.
Damn, what's a sister to do.
Then the past thoughts run through my mind and I smile.
I smile because you made me happy 
so many times.
Then my smile turns to a frown because of the day 
your words shot through my heart and you left it there to die.
They say the good things should outweigh the bad 
but I bet every single thing that I have
That if I go there with you i'm gonna regret it bad.
Cause you see,
It's hard loving you not sure if you're loving just me.
This relationship has been more bitter that sweet.
And  now I think its time for you to leave....
for good.
Cause we been in this place before
same space, same face before
I'm begging for you to please,
Just walk out that door,
Just like you have so many times before.
But this time spare me the pain and the heartache
and do not return
Cause when you're exposed to fire there a good chance
you'll get burned.
You'd think that by now I would have learned
because loving you has been the reason I've cried
Loving you has been the reason my soul has died,
Loving you has been the reason I broke down and asked
over and over
Lord why? why me?
But the question I should have been asking is 
Why do I keep letting you in 
over and over again
When I know that in the end 
you'll walk out on me again.
Then months later you'll come tapping at my door
and act like everything is all good
But this time will be different 
I will not welcome you back with open arms
Hell, I won't even open the door
Like I should have done so many times before 
Cause I've been in this place before 
same space, same face before,
but it ends right here 
just like it should have so many times before.

So Many Times Before by kkhat

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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