Not Into You

by kkhat

I am sooo....
Not into you 
yet I continue
To swim in the seas of ecstasy with you.
You see,
You're sort of like a drug 
I know you're bad for my health
but when i'm around you I get a high
and man... 
it's like nothing I ever felt.
When you're not here 
im so sick with it 
and fiendin for my next hit 
I'm Addicted to you 
like a crackhead to crack 
or a c-rag to nicotine 
you're my sleeping pill 
you put me to sleep 
with wet dreams of you in between 
my legs 
I tried to quit
But it's a mishaps when I relapse 
I think my girl Miss. Green said it best.
I'm fanatically addicted 
to the way that he be loving me
Its like a drug 
some bad habit...
Shyt I, gots to.... Have it.
I never dreamed that he'd have me hooked 
or that I'd constantly fiend for him
when we kiss 
I dismiss
all the shyt
that bad about this,,
this union 
dont know what i doing 
until I'm already doing it.
Im always craving you,
wanting you,
thinking of you.
Im so confused 
Because Im sooo...
not into you
I just can't get enough of you. 

Not Into You by kkhat

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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