In My Dreams

by Kkhat

I cant wait till I lay down to sleep,
Cause when I sleep I dream 
and in my dreams you and I meet.
Last night I dreamed that we met at the park.
We walked, talked and held hands till after dark.
I layed a blanket out on the grass
As we layed we held each other and time slowly passed.
I rubbed your body 
we were close but i wanted you closer to me. 
I wanted you to join ne in the land of ecstasy.
I couldn't resist the urge to kiss your lips,
The lips I been dying to taste.
I plated Soft kisses all over your neck and face.
I unbuttoned your shirt and placed more kisses on
your chest and stomach.
The look on your face and moans from your mouth told me you 
were loving it.
You grabbed my waist and flipped me on my back.
Umm, a little rough, but I like it like that.
U pulled up my shirt and I felt the warmth from your mouth 
on my breast. 
The things you did to me made me soak and wet.
I couldnt take it no more 
I needed to connect with you to feel complete.
In your ears i whispered "please make love to me!"
You did what I wanted you were happy to oblige.
The momonet you entered me my soul came alive.
You completed me as we became one. 
We travaled body and body, soul and soul.
Our journey had begun.
Trying to catch my breath as moans escaped my mouth. 
I was losing my mind.
Back scratching with every thrust as our bodies were intertwined.
Me and you together that is our destiny.
Our bodies shook with pleasure as we reached ecstasy.
We then layed beneath the stars and cuddled up.
With you in my dreams I hate to wake up. 
But it was back to reality
I woke up to an empty bed and you were miles and miles away from me.
But I'll meet you again tonight when I close my eyes.
So I can pull you close to me and hold you tight.
Together forever you and me 
One day it will be
But until then I'll see you in my dreams.

In My Dreams by Kkhat

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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