I Forgive U

by Ala_zay

I forgive you for leaving me with my heart full of strife. 
When you left home you acted as if I was never Part of your life. 
You don't call or even try to contact me at all.
You were never around to help pick me up when I would fall. 
You never once played in your role as a man.
And when I did see you, It was the same lies over and over again. 
You left me alone, no male guidence in my life.
Was it that hard to at least try to do what was right.
But for all the things you put me through,
I have to say I forgive you.

I forgive you for walking away without a good-bye.
For breaking my heart and making it cry.
You left me in the cold and crept by her side.
I now see that your love for me was just a lie.
Of all the romantic night you chose lust over love. 
I guess just one really isnt enough.
You set out to please yourself, you didnt care how I felt.
Boy, what a fucked up hand I was dealt.
You played your games, and now your back for more. 
But I learned how to intercept and not let you score. 
However, you are a man. Your free to do what you do.
The crazy thing is i frogive you.

I forgive you for telling my business and doggin
me out.
For telling me lies when opened your mouth. 
You turned you back on me when I needed you most. 
You treated our friendship as if it was a joke.
I'd give you the world because you was my friend.
Through lifes ups and downs I held your hand.
I stuck around to comfort you whenever you cry. 
I even had your back when confrontation was on the rise.
I gave you friendship, the greastest gift I could give.
You didnt value it, you didnt even give a shit. 
But i wish you the best, you know, do what you do.
I'm putting all that behind me to say I forgive you.

I Forgive U by Ala_zay

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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