What A Kiss Can Lead To

by Ala_zay

It started because of a kiss,
to the tenderest lips.
I took your hands and slid them 
between my hips.

He gently massaged
the inside of my thighs
I was impatient but waiting for 
his nature to rise.

I pushed him off me,
then I layed him on his back.
i then climbed on top, 
with my mode on FULL ATTACK.

licking and kissing
as i make my mark. 
touching and squeezing
as we freak in the dark.

causing Pre-ejaculaton, 
as we finish our four-play.
Pulled him back on top,
cause i want it in every way.

wanting him more
as he Tantilize me
loving it all, 
cause he always satify me.

Finally what i wanted,
he decided to come inside.
Now put on your seat belt,
and get ready for the ride.

Thrust after thrust,
moan after moan.
sex and ecstasy,
leading to a fiery zone.

Alway into something new,
too explicit for the world to know.
i sceam your name
as we put on this animalistic show.

we try different positions,
to reach our destination.
Flames are constantly bursting
in our cohabitation.

My nails ripped through his skin,
As he put it on me.
and at that very moment
i knew it was ecstasy.

huffing, puffing, panting, sweating,
at last we reached our climax
Now its time to relax
and catch our breath

of all the things
in this world to do
see what a kiss can lead too

What A Kiss Can Lead To by Ala_zay

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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