I Am A Woman

by Lyrical Aku

I am a Woman 

My body flows softly and gently like the rolling hillside 

I have got curves to beat even the most winding road 

A never ending sea of nerves under a winning smile 

When i walk my hips roll like the dips of a mountain 

On and On and On 

See my curves talk 

See my curves whisper 

Let them sing you a beautiful song 

as the waters whisper and softly flow 

gently and slowly deep into your soul 

Lyrically like the tunes of a true African rapper 

I am voluptous like a woman 

Fresh like a sweet juicy mango 

sink your teeth into me, soft and sweet 

Spicy like the tangy bite of l-vem-king 

My eyes whisper at secret seductive powers 

My lips glowing and beckoning like the most forbidden fruit 

You wonder, lifting your hands 

to get a feel of my thick African hair 

I have got braids so long they can trip you 

Deep brown eyes so deep you can drown in them 

Brown coffee skin gently mesmerizing 

Honey dripping voice flowing silkily, smoothly 

casting a lure pulling you into the depths of my endless spin 

Walking i spin you into unending vortex of magic 

In my stride my hips sways, my body glides 

driving you into a spell of ectasy 

My clothes cling, dips then slowly falls 

whispering, shivering and moaning 

like the wind thru the leaves of a nim tree 

There is fire in my soul, fierce and hot like a typhoon 

When i laugh you hear the sound of a bubbling brook

My voice slides raspfully over your skin
Seeking to turn your thoughts chaotic
bringing you into bittersweet torture
Palms like down
Free like a clown
Red- painting the town
Yeah! I've got this down
Hoping to get this piece done
Words like snakes got you so entwined
looking for ways to get engrained
Sorry, guess what?
I dance alone, shaking and gyrating 

like I've got the jibees
Body with it's own tune, salsa, the rumba
Smile like the sun, only difference is
You can taste my heat
You get the beat
Depths that can't be fathomed
Stealth like a cat from gotham
Sleek and feline
Gracefully moving
Legs so long ,got you in a daze
Hands like silk, set you thinking of wrong and right
hoping for a place between
Heart full of soul
Batting my eyes like an owl
Setting you on fire
Got you slinking away on tires
Tall, short, slim or fat
I am a woman
I am a woman
My heat is infective
Just like my smile
Makes you feel like going skinny-dipping
Hot in all the right places
Cold in others
Still got you pacing
Thinking about racing
Face the truth
I am a woman
I am a woman
Body lines unparalleled

I Am A Woman by Lyrical Aku

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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