My Midnight Snack

by AKO

Girl, goddamn, I do declare
I love the softness of your hair
No, not the hair upon your head
The ones between your legs instead
The way they tickle on my cheek
And all the wetness makes them sleek
I have no hope of sleeping next
To all of your luscious nakedness

If I had to define bliss
It would be when we share a kiss
No, not the lips upon your face
But the pair in that special place
It truly is a late night treat
To sample your nectar sticky-sweet
Itís the softness of your labia
That seems to drive me crazier

The way you smell, itís criminal
An invitation subliminal
No, not the perfume you put on
Itís your erotic pheromones
As I inhale I am seduced
by the natural scent that you produce
I feel I'm helplessly exposed
When I find you without your clothes

Did you truly expect to rest?
Lying in my bed undressed?
Iím a victim of this enchanting hour
And the pull of your feminine power
Will I recall you from your dream
To wake and find my head between
You are a treasure of edible pleasure
And at this hour thereís nothing betterÖ

My Midnight Snack by AKO

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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