A Reflection of Imperfection

by AKO

I hail from the house of sin
Door to heaven wide open,
But I canít get in
All the times in life I fucced up 
Make them right and then;
Iíll get my chance at redemption and Iíll smile again
Iím up praying at night
And the hour is late
Asking god for forgiveness
Though I cannot escape
Punishment-Iím not afraid
When I get to the gate
Will I share the same fate as the enemy state?
Allahís word is best 
Thatís what I hold to my chest
Provides me more protection than a bullet proof vest
Not afraid to ask the teacher for help on the test
Canít rely on my on eyes to get me outta this mess
Some try to satisfy their flesh
Otherís the smoke budda bless
As for me I only see that I have no time to rest
I step away from own so others know happiness
But for how long can I hold on before my passion passes
{Sigh} I digress, 
I have a pain in my chest
Oh Allah, I only pray I go a way that is best

As life goes on
How can one really know?
That the path they have chosen 
Is the right way to go?
Itís always a second too late
To return to the minute before
Yet Iíll devote an hour
On yesterday unexplored
So if whatís done is done
As the old saying goes
What is this burning desire
To reset and reload
Maybe pressing forward
Itís possible to go back
And perhaps I can pick myself up
From where I fell through the cracks
So if this life goes around 
Like a merry-go song
Perhaps itís not too late
To revisit some of what Iíve done wrong
So before I complain of repetitive days
Iíll be glad I have a chance to correct my ways
{Sigh} I digress,
I have a pain in my chest
Oh Allah, I only pray I go a way that is best

A Reflection of Imperfection by AKO

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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