Dare I Dream of Love Again

by AKO

Dare I dream of love again?
I shalt not hold my heart in contempt
After all my logical processes
I am lead by a feeling, not a thought
Fueled by the need to want and be wanted
I wonder out from somber shadows
Seeking a bright, beaming light that can only come from a beating heart
But why?  I know it will only hurt my eyes
As today's laughter evolves into tomorrow cries
Should I take care to avoid what I know is unwise
To seek out what is sure to secure my demise
No matter strength of my mental resolve, in time my heart will belie – 
such has always been the case
Do I dare to dream of love?
That something so perfect should contain so many flaws
It's so hard to awaken to the morning cold
Realizing I've been fanaticizing and bringing a naive lie to life 
And to what? For Whom?
Does one truly control one's journey through life?
It does not perplex me how I have crashed upon rocky shores
Alas, my heart has made for a poor compass
How is it then, that I gather the need and the want;
To mend my sails and head into dangerous waters…
I suppose I will not fear being stranded upon deserted lands
As long as there is hope, I would not be there alone.
Can a broken heart be mended?
Who's to say when it has healed?
Should my life and dreams be blended?
I don't quite know what to reveal.
So much of me I've given away
I don't expect to ever be whole again
But yet at night there are times that I pray
To be released from this prison within
If I do not dare to dream
And my love truly is an unwanted thing
Then I will accept what I have come to be
And hope to pass on from here peacefully.

Dare I Dream of Love Again by AKO

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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