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Sensual Hearts and More is the pen name of Cerectia Renee Akbar, who resides in Ft. Worth, Texas. She says "poetry is a very significant part of my life. an avid writer of poetry. She is currently wrapping up her Associates Degree and plans on getting her book on poetry published in the very near future. She is also trying her hand at running a line of greeting cards. The name of the new business is called Straight From The Heart Greeting Cards. She covers sensual as well as diverse cards. In her spare time, she spends a lot of time submitting editorials in various newpapers and magazines. Most of her articles are geared toward "the reality that we are generally slammed with."

She also enjoys going to lots of live poetry readings and loves to "motivate all new writers because they as well as myself need that extra push." She goes on to say, "So when you pick up your pen and it feels like it weighs a million pounds, contact me on my e-mail address and I will talk it down to the weight of a feather. I have a mentor that stays in my corner and its up to me to keep someone else dream focused."

You can contact via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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