A Folktale: Why Do Women Have Wide Hips?

by Aisha

Once there lived a Jewish Queen Madea. Madea was given the power to make healing garments. She used this gift by the gods to make healing garments for rich and powerful leaders all over the world. Madea was known throughout the world for her splendid gift.

In the small village of Aisha, there lived a simple farmer and his wife Zykah. Early in their marriage the couple were told they would never conceive. Zykah ignored this and continued to pray to God that he bless her with a baby. God rewarded Zykah for her constancy and granted her prayer. He blessed her with a baby boy. Zykah believed her baby to be a sign of God's divine strength. So she named her baby Zion.

On his fifth day of life Zion took very ill. Although Zykah and her husband were not rich they sought out the best doctors. It was common that if person stayed sick for too long they'd die. Zykah set out to the land of Oda to find Madea. Surely she would want to help her by healing her son.

When she arrived to the land of Oda and at the palace Madea refused to even speak with her. On the second day Zykah brought the queen fresh flowers and the queen accepted the gift and banished Zykah from her sight. On the third day Zykah became very desperate fearing for her son's life. She visited the queen by sneaking into the castle while Madea was in bed. She bowed down to the queen

"Your Highness I come to you humbled and ask that you please allow me to find grace in your eyes" Zykah whispered.

"You are not rich or of royalty. Why should I help you?" Madea responded.

"It is for my child," Zykah responded.

"Be gone servant," Madea yelled and turned up her nose. "Guards," Madea yelled loudly.

Zykah was very afraid and she looked over at the stack of beautiful healing garments and grabbed a blue blanket. She fled the castle before the guards could find her. She knew it would only be a matter of time before Madea would have all of her men looking for her. She would surely have her killed.

Zykah took the healing blanket and wrapped it around her legs under her dress. She fled the town of Oda never to return. When she returned home Zykah began to pray to God to heal her son as she wrapped him up in the blanket.

Within minutes her son was healed. Then God spoke to Zykah, "My child I gave you this child because of your faithfulness to me. Why didn't you come to me when your son was ill?"

"To be honest I never really thought about it," Zykah responded ashamed.

"What kind of father would I be if I didn't punish you?" He responded and batted His eyes and waved His hands and Zykah hips began to spread to the exact same size of the blanket when it was wrapped around her hips and she had stolen from Madea. "Now you and all of your descendants will be reminded of me and my power."

The wide hips of the woman are a symbols of God's love for us. A reminder of God's promise to us a father.

A Folktale: Why Do Women Have Wide Hips? by Aisha

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