The Disadvantage

by Aisha

When you look at me 
What is the first 
thing that you see 
Is it the color of my skin 
because it's black 
and how do you interpret that 
you couldn't possibly 
mistake me for dirty 
but somehow I beg to differ 
so I have to earn and still demand your respect 
or is it my sex 
I am feminine 
not to be mistaken for the fragile 
Because I demand to be treated with care 
Is it my style 
because it is traditional not wild 

I wished when you looked at me you saw 
who I really am 
a queen, intelligent, and educated
my only disadvantage is the way you see me 
but slowly 
even from that I am breaking free 
I am overcoming your boundaries 
breaking all you rules 
setting records 
winning elections 
steady progressing 
maybe one day 
you'll see me 
for who I really am 
and realize there is much more to me 
than the color of my skin 
As far as my people have come
you still don't see 
that there is really no big difference
between you and me 

The Disadvantage by Aisha

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