You Remind Me

by A Woman Worthy

I wanna hug you 
Pull you into my sweetness
My warmth
Protect you
Fill you up with happiness
To last you until later on
Until tomorrow 
Until Forever
You remind me of North Philly
Of Wonton soup (with shrimp in it)
Of chicken fingers, Cajun-style
Of movies in your basement
Of Temple University
And searching for answers
For a future
For love
You remind me of 
The long thoughtful trolley rides
Flashcards for my test
Walkman on my ears
Probably thinking of you
Mixed in with thoughts of anatomy
Or was that intellectual heritage
Or African Studies
Or just Life 101?
You remind me of Friday nights at Red Lobster
Of trying to fix my hair just right
Of picking me up  after class
Smiling at me 
Making butterflies fly all in my stomach
You remind me of our song
If only for one night
All the things your man won’t do
All that good stuff
Of sitting in the park
In that big black car
Of going to our prom in a town car
>From our wedding in a limousine

You remind me
Of spring breezes
Fresh beginnings
Of us 
Still together…
In this classroom of life

You Remind Me by A Woman Worthy

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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