Any Man

by A Woman Worthy

If I let love go then it won’t hurt this bad
		My heart is so tender 
		Full of love and promises
		And disappointment
		Sounds cliché’
		The emotions mixed up in my mind
		Attempting to place a shield where my femininity should be
		Trying to hold my own
		Without these desires and hopes
		To any man listening
		Who wants to be good to his woman
		Without her asking
		To any man contemplating love
		Who needs to be heard as well
		Without screaming
		To any man trying to do right
		With no applause needed
		To any man loving unselfishly
		Putting his woman first
		Yearning to do right by her…let me say

		I love you
		You are the reason I want to dance
		The reason I want to smell good
		Like strawberries and cream
Like sweet dreams
		The reason I cry
		Because I miss you 
		Want to feel you inside me
		The reason I try to learn recipes
		To feed you more and more of me
		The reason I fold clothes 
		Make things more convenient
		Comfortable / you
		You keep my faith in men alive
		And thank you for the small things
		The back rub
		Picking up after yourself without me asking
		Calling me to say I love You
		Making my load a little lighter
		For keeping me guessing
		Giving me pleasure that lasts into my dreams…
		Thank you 
		For reminding me that I’m beautiful
		Deserve the best
		Need to be hugged 
		Given undivided attention
		Thank you
		For choosing me first
		Not second
		Not third
		For listening even when the words wouldn’t come
		For being man
		Letting me be woman…

Any Man by A Woman Worthy

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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