The Woman In Me

by Naturally Hip

The first time that I fell in love 
I gave my heart and soul 
To please my man in every way I could 
I opened up my heart to him and let him come inside 
Putting everything I were within his grasp 
My feelings and emotions melted down in his desires 
Forming stepping stones for him along his way 
And all I ever wanted was his love back in return 
Constantly concerned about who he was and what he did 
I know I tried a hundred times to merge with what he was 
Crying every time I failed to find his heart 
And admitting to myself that my search had failed 
Took all the strength that I had left within 
I was frightened like a kitten sitting high up in a tree 
Wondering how I ever got out on this limb 
But I found the strength and courage 
To make my way back down 
And I'm feeling pretty safe but kind of lost 
For everything that I have done within my life thus far 
Has only brought me suffering and pain 
But I made my way up to the top 
And I made my way back down 
And my strength and courage 
Were all the help I had 
So now I know within myself
That if love should ever call 
The woman in me can make that climb again 
But this time it will be a safe journey 
Successfully in enduring a successful
Spiritual foundation to make the climb again
A prosperous and joyful journey

The Woman In Me by Naturally Hip

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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