The Making Of A Man (Part 1)

by Anthony Adeseye Adeniran

You can't run from your fears, that makes you a coward with no strong convictions of what it is that will come. Struggling is the way of the brave, undaunting in the face of all adversities. Great men in this our theatrical world had one or two scar to show for it. I wish to have mine, but very lightly I want it.

If Jesus could carry his cross, as painful as he saw it to be, who am I to refuse mine? He fought the war and he won just with the help of God the almighty, and with God we will win our own battle in the face of worldly flout and derision.

We as humans should follow that path and surely we must. Some get life so simply and others so arduously. But like Paul the apostle emphasized, it is the end that matters not the beginning. A saying in my Yoruba language goes thus; "ki ale san wa ju owuro lo" (may our old age be better than our younger days).

My advise to those who get it so simply, do not despair those who get it so hard, you should encourage them to keep fighting, help them and do not neglect them. Remember, what you did once, he had done a thousand times. Life is like a coin; luck on one side, unlucky the other.

For when you are climbing the ladder of success, be very helpful and amicable to those you meet on your way, for 2 things may happen; you may come down and you might meet them there or they may be climbing themselves and they meet you there! Whichever ways, you would need their help, one way or the other. Life is like a circle, we all follow the spherical band.

To the other party who may get it hard, hmmm..... so difficult to assuage and console you, but keep in mind never to despair the days of your humble beginnings. It may take a longtime, but you will get there! Take all the insults, the antipathies, all the pains, all the spat and some hidden praises, which you must strut to. For in all these cometh the making of a man; much wiser, much stronger, much ratiocinative, much limber and much more eternal.

The Making Of A Man (Part 1) by Anthony Adeseye Adeniran

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