Meditational thoughts by a flowing stream

by Anthony Adeseye Adeniran

Hope is the only thing we cannot share with anybody but with ourselves and God. When the whole world seems faraway, when you feel so lonely, when everything around is meaningless, when what you touch does not turn to gold, when all is not well. Still believe in the word; HOPE; it still brings joy at the end of the dark tunnel. It maybe faraway but it is so near. Look deep and marvel at what the everlasting being has been to you. Look deep and marvel at what God, through hope and perseverance, has done. Time is the bridge that brings all these to fruition. Overcome the time pressure and your hope and perseverance pave way for your dreams to come to wonderful fulfilment through God.

NB: The search for happiness is the trap of life; LOOK FOR JOY Smile always, it is the best you can offer humanity!!!

Hope by Anthony Adeseye Adeniran

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