Just A Thought...White Men Can Count A Lott

by Rick Adams

Several years ago there was a popular movie entitled "White men can't jump" about neighborhood basketball hustlers starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Well white men may not be able to jump but they sure can count. That's what's wrong with the white man today. That's why Trent Lott is no longer the U. S. Senate Majority leader. White males hope their public display of "racial enlightenment" will mask their true motives.

In 1980 whites were 80% of the population in the USA, today they are only 69% and declining. If you consider that a little more than half the population is female then white males are less than 40% of the nation's population! Kind of puts you at a disadvantage during a national election. It's the reason W and Jeb Bush conspired to steal the 2000 presidential election. Remember Gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes fueled by strong support from Black, Latino and women voters, No wonder so many former segregationists and bigots now chant the mantra of a color-blind society. But wait it gets worse, according to a Republican strategist "If the Republican ticket were to take the same percentages of the Hispanic, black and white vote in 2004 as it did in 2000, said Matthew Dowd, the White House's pollster, it would lose the popular vote by three million ballots and the Electoral College. In 2000, Mr. Bush received 544,000 fewer votes than Al Gore but won the Electoral College."

Do the math 281 million U.S. citizens, of which 103 million are white males, 107 million white females, 35 million are African Americans, 35 million are Latinos, and 10 million Asians. That's 80 million Blacks, Latinos and Asians. Question: how many of the white women are progressives, union members, liberals, poor, working class or God forbid Democrats? For the sake of argument, lets say about 1/2 of the white women fit in those categories, which would be about 53 million. Hmmm let's see 80 million Blacks, Latinos and Asians added to 53 million white women that totals 133 million! That leaves a balance of 148 million almost an even match! Wonder how many white males are progressives, union members, liberals, poor, working class or God forbid Democrats? Suppose only 25% of white males are in the groups mention above that would mean there are 25 million white male "traitors". The bottom line is that at a maximum the "white electoral front" might only number 123 million out of a total population of 281 million! The calculations are rough and do not consider contradictions such as Clarence Thomas, Linda Chavez, Phyllis Schafly or poor white men like David Duke, who represent the confused, who end up on the wrong side against their own self interests. However, the overall calculations provide a road map to politics in these United States.

In addition, factor in the reality that half or more of the population does not vote in any given election and you can see why barring former felons from voting, designing confusing ballots and other tricks are so important to affluent white male conservative, mostly republican voting elites.

How frightening this reality must be to an elite group that has exploited and oppressed people of color and largely behaved as male chauvinists toward the female population. The specter of "payback" must cause many a sleepless night among white males. The Enron, WorldCom crowd (mostly Republican White males) hasn't treated workers any better -- resisting a living wage, refusing to raise the minimum wage and stealing workers' retirement funds. Adding to the horror is the projections that indicate the population trend will continue.

So gaze into my crystal ball for a peek at the future.

The Republican Party will continue to cater to white males while attempting to include Blacks and Latinos in highly visible roles to advance the "illusion of inclusion." To counter an unfriendly electorate, they will stack the courts from the local level to the state to the federal level with conservative anti-Black, Latino and Asian, anti-organized labor, working class and poor ideologues, who often will look like us, a la Clarence Thomas who will be in office for the next 40 years to block the initiatives of a growing liberal, working class, poor and people of color progressive majority. They will use the cry of national security to legitimize policies that will severely limit individual civil liberties and rights, the workers' ability to organize and win a living wage and thwart efforts to make corporate America more responsible and responsive to the needs of the average citizen.

Just A Thought...White Men Can Count A Lott by Rick Adams

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