The Very Wrong Right

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

Conservative ideology in this country has always been filled with massive hypocrisy in my opinion. The conservatives in the United States are filled with many contradictions and are very indifferent. When I read and listen to the rhetoric of many ultra-conservatives it is disgusting. They expess many contradiction. Many conservatives preach morality and positive values, but many right wing conservatives have condoned racism and are racist. Racism and hatred in any form is immoral and should go against the so-call high moral standards most right wing conservatives advocate. There are other contradictions like this constant issue against abortion. I don't totally agree with abortion, but I believe it is a personal and a private issue that government has no business dealing with. While right wing conservatives hypocrites will stick their nose in a woman's right to choose an abortion, but that same right wing rhetoric will say the government should stay out of life and not overtax rich people.

Most conservatives believe in giving tax breaks to multi-million dollar corporations claiming it is a good way to stimulate the economy. That was proven wrong by President Bill Clinton. The fact is that the growth and progress of middle income Americans is more significant to the growth of the economy. The more people that prosper the more they are inclined to spend and be part of the growth of the economic system.

Many right wing conservatives want to keep the wealth in the hands of White males only. It is right wing conservative thinking that has kept this country divided along the lines of race, class, sex, religion, and socio-economic status. The blatant lack of objectivity that is clearly displayed by right wing conservatives is at root of the great problems of the United States of America. It is based on the desire to keep minorities and women out of any economic power and control in this country. Right Wing Conservatives want to keep the status quo. They are against any change that would take away their power. Those people on the political right are out to marginalize anybody who tries to invade that status quo. The way the Republican Party tried to destroy President Clinton over a sex lie and then turn it into a legal issue was cruel and hateful. I was a waste of taxpayer money. The reasons the right wing conservatives disliked President Clinton because his presidency had a progressive agenda and he attempted to look out for working Americans.

President Clinton want to hold corporation ans millionaire accountable to value all Americans. He pushed for laws that raising taxes on wealthy Americans and proposing a National Healthcare Bill. President Clinton appointed several woman and minorities to powerful positions in his administration. All these issues by President Clinton were against the right wing, so they felt compleled to destroy his character. It is right wing conservatives in this country that have destroyed people because of their views. Conservatives have allowed organized to exist and flourish. For many years right wing conservatives were more concerned about member of the American Communist Party. The right wing conservatives pay little or no attention to the White supremist hate groups or organized crime. The American Communist Party were a group of people who stood justice for all fairness in the workers and employees and an end to racism and discrimination. Back in the 1950s the Right wing conservatives destroyed many people members of the American Communist party with charges of being anti-American. Several people had their careers and live ruined and some even committed suicide. The right wing developed what they called the Black list.

Throughout the history of this country it is right wing thinking that created many of the political and social ills that exist in this country. Right wing conservatives had great deal to do with the murders of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King and Sen. Robert Kennedy in 1968, the murder of Malcolm X, and the political destruction of Adam Clayton Powell. Anybody who goes against the right wing conservative beliefs will be destroyed. The Watergate scandal contrived by the right wing to destroy the two-party system and keep right wing conservatives in power. Hate goups and organized cime still have power today because they are part of the right wing.

Right Wing conservatives don't care about the problems of the poor or hard working Americans. Their primary concern is to keep White males who are conservative in power. The right wing will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. They will have law enforcement violate rules and use racial profiling. The right wing conservatives will use so-call religous leaders to preach values and spend all their time talking about the wrongs of homosexuality and abortion and being totally intolerant of people who disagree. The right wing's goal is to divide and conquer the people who don't fit into their inner circle like most minorities, liberals, labor unions, and strong women. The right wing cheated to elect a conservative president in 2000. The right wing will do what that have to to maintain the status quo. The right wing conservatives are some very dangerous people and they are very, very wrong.

The Very Wrong Right by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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