The Wisdom of A Child

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

There are times when an adult can learn from a child. I was trapped in my feelings of loss. There was an anger and bitterness that made it difficult for me to smile. I lost my father and one of my brother in a span of 9 months. It seemed like an eternity. The only release from the despair was spending time with my 4 nephews who are between the ages for 7 years old and 1 year old. My oldest nephew name Chris entered my bedroom and and said hello "Uncle Earl can I watch television? I want to watch cartoons."

I responded "Yes, but keep the volume down I am trying to get your bad brother to relax." I was sitting with my youngest nephew named Tim. Tim is almost a year old and he is a well behaved baby. He makes feels very happy. I am sitting with him and I am having fun.

Chris looked at me and said "Uncle Earl you just smiled." I said "I love spending time with your little brother." Chris asked, "Did you smile at me when I was a baby?" I responded "Yes I did smile when I was with you and you make me smile now when you show me how much you learned about the Black History I taught you. Chris said "You only smile when you are with the baby. Why don't you smile other times?"

I said, "Chris, reason I seldom smile is I miss your Grandfather and your Uncle Frank."

Chris looked straight at me and said, "They are in heaven."

I said "Yes, I am certain they are in heaven."

I kissed Tim on the cheek and sat in awe of what my 7 year old nephew just said to me. Tim was about to fall asleep.

Chris said, "You should smile Uncle Earl because my Grandfather and Uncle Frank are in heaven. They are in a better place."

The spiritual strength that Chris displayed telling me about my late father and late brother being in heaven was something I never considered. My faith had been tested. Chris's word of wisdom enhanced my spirit. It was the values of belief in God my father taught me when I was a child. I was taught again as an adult by a 7 year old. Chris's wisdom inspired my spirit.

The Wisdom of A Child by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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