by A.B. Wilson Jr.

It has been said lately how much unity exist in this country since the acts of 9/11/01. All the signs of God Bless America and the demonstration of the heartfelt sympathy to those who perished or worked to save lives. America pulled together for a short period of time.

This war in Afganistan is our so-called President's attempt to look heroic. The recent corporate scandals and recent acts of police brutality and constant failure of our criminal justice system is to get to the truth is a sign to me that there is no real unity in this country. There is no true effort in place to end poverty as we know it. There is no real effort to keep drugs away from people in this country.

America may have won the war in Afganistan, but they losing many battles here at home. Our so-called President did a poor job of uniting people. He was more concerned about getting the bad guys from the Middle East.

The average working American still can't trust the Government to take care of their interests. Enron and Worldcom proves that the Government will sit by and allow big corporations to do as they please and never worry about how it effects the working people of this country. There are still labels and stereotypes. Some people are still racist and display symbols like the confederate flag. There is still cultural and religious intolerance. There is still a great deal of disrespect toward Black people by the media and the ludicrous criminal justice system.

Unity never really existed in the United States. With people like our current President and other political leaders who fail to unite people we will never have true unity. The reality is why people elected our current President. Many rich White males really don't want unity.

The UNUNITED STATES of America by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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