Unite and Build Prosperity

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

The time as come for all people of color in America to Unite and build properity. The money is there. The intelligence is in abundance. The skill is clear. The number are above and beyond. The time right.

People of Color have been stripped of their dignity. People of Color have been marginalized. The big bad oppressor has maintain dominion on people of color for many years. People of Color have marched and protested for change. Laws have been passed. It really hasn't changed. The only really change is the big bad oppressor is getting rich and more powerful. The big bad opressor divides us and then conquers.

We as people of have been to willing to accept the little changes. We have accepted the small steps and limitations. We must understand they will never give it to us. They don't want us to have any control. They will smile to get our support and say we are included, but are we really in- cluded? The big bad oppressor places labels of color, race, religion, and sex on us. Some of us to bind and foolish to see. Some turn and bow and take the crumbs. The facts are clear all people of color really aren't free. It doesn't matter what we have and where we live we are not free. Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow are not free. The big bad opressor fears peo- ple of color. The big bad oppressor fears the intelligence and physical skills and sexual prowess of people of color. They fear us having too much power. They fear us in control. That fear causes them to want to divide and conquer.

We have to Unite and building prosperity. We have to attain control of business and assume power for the present and the future. Our past is filled hatred, violence, and ignorance. We have to provide Access to Opportunity for all of our people. People of Color have tap into this age and modern technology and control their own enterprises in our own neighbor. We have control these enterprise to employee our people. People of color spend over 1 billion dollar in the economy, but we less the 10% on our own businesses and service. We continue to keep the big bag oppressor in control and rich. We as people of must take control of our own des- tiny. We must have high standards in behavior and beliefs. There are many of color are the best atheletes or best entertainers, but the big bad oppressor is in control. There are some good people who don't oppress, but we need to Unite and Build the Prosperity. Many of breth- ern from 1960s marched, protested, and died so we could be free. It is over 30 years later we are still not free. Lynching have been re- placed by racial profiling by the police. To many men of color are in prison.

It will take a United effort on the part all people of color to pool their economic resources to attain control of all possiblities. We can take control of our own small and large busin- esses. We have to make a commitment rebuilding communities. Those of us who have the money and power to build need to invest in educating and employing each other. The protest, marches and asking for freedom and prosperity are over. It time take our freedom Unite and Build Pros- perity. We have to save our people from crime, drugs, poverty, violence, and hatred. All the complaining will never solve the problems. Act- ions of unity and creating a base of economic and social power. We as people of color must empower ourselves to really live out the Amer- ican Dream. The so-called American Dream has been a nightmare for people of color. We have to make the American come true by being totally United and Building prosperity.

Unite and Build Prosperity by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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