The Ugly Ones

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

Their existance permeates a foul presence.

  They are filled with a horrifying sense of vulgarity.

  They are scarred with a raging disregard.

  They seethed with a twisted passion.

  There is a wicked stain of indecency.

  They are disgusting.

  Their point of view makes them dispicable.

  They exude a foul oder.

  Their smell reeks of a dead skunk.

  Their minds are shackle with a perverse hatred.

  They polute the air with their hateful voice.

  They are awful for other to see.

  They have misguided and miniscule minds.

  They are homely in body and soul.

  They no heart and cruel values.

  They are is simpley extremely UGLY.

The Ugly Ones by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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