Test of Will

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

There are times when one is put to a major test.

Obstacles placed in you path.

The burdens of life conspire to bring you down.

There are hateful devils swirling around.

It is a measure of character to fight those demons.

The evil and negative attempt to pollute your spirit.

You may slip and fall.

There is great fear.

There is a sense of doubt that tries to fight to get in.

A facing up to all that is there.

Remember it is never easy.

You never get any guarantees.

It is a private war.

It is a battle one must fight alone.

A test of the human spirit.

It make or break a person.

A will to hold on to what makes you strong.

A true display of real character.

Test of Will by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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