Right from Wrong

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

When negative things occur in a person's life there are some reasons behind all of it. Some are simple excuses and others are valid. In some cases it can be a simple mistake. It can be said od some people they make good things happen and others where they go trouble follows.

In some cases there is validity to both those statements. Most people who intend to succeed in life must know how to be proactive. The fact remains regardless of how proactive you are any logical thinking man or woman should know the the difference between right and wrong. To me it is that simple in life. There things that are accepted as being normal and right. Even a person with average intelligence should be able to determine the difference.

It appears today in this country to many just can't figure that difference between right and wrong out. There is always an excuses some ludicris from of justification. Seldom do these folks admit is was their fault. The mark of a truly complete person is when he or she does something and is able to admit it was their own fault and learn from it and never make the same mistake more than once. Everybody has made mistakes at some point in their, but a person with character learns from the situation a makes a positive out of it.

Still there are others who continue to blame others for their problems. We all masters of of our own fate. We really don't have to be accountable to anybody, but God and ourselves, but a responsible person knows there are rules that they must adhear to to do things right. So many people behave foolishly ask for respect. These people don't realize that respect has to be earned and not asked for. Respect is developed through your actions and deeds. Nobody should respect abusers, wife beaters, laziness, disrespect for your profession, intrusiveness, racism, or violence. All these things are wrong.

Being respectful of other opinions, a hard worker, articulate, strong in the spirit of the word of God. These are some of the things that are right There is a major difference between right and wrong and if you don't know the difference you are in big trouble.

Right From Wrong by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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