The Promiseland

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

On April 3, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his final speech in Memphis, Tennessee. Near the end of that speech he said "We as a people will get to the Promiseland." In the 33 years since Dr. King made that statement we as Black Americans have yet to reach the Promiseland. The only way Black America will ever reach the Promiseland is to be truly united. It is a total unity that empowers Black men and women to build their Spiritual, Social, and Economic Power Base. We have to stop waiting for our freedom and prosperity to be handed to us. We have to take our freedom and prosperity. Malcolm X said "True Freedom cannot be given. It has to be taken."

Black people in this country must take control of their own destiny. We have to provide Access to Opportunity for all out Brothers and Sisters. We have to build strong hard working families with pride and dignity. We have to be spiritually motivated to build a social and economic Power Base to end poverty, the violence, the anger, the delinquency, and the dependency. Integration that exist in the Black Community. Integration, Affirmitive Action, and Diversity will never truly be achieved until Black America is totally united. We have to support each other. Black Americans have to tap into every economic resource available and build our minds to compete in the American Free Enterprises System. When we reach the Promiseland we will be free of poverty. We will be free of racism. We will be free of violence. We will be free of the ignorance that has hurt the ignorance that has hurt Black America for the past 33 years. We have failed to be totally united.

There has been some improvement, but there is still far too much poverty and too many brothers in jail. Only a united group of Black Men and Black Women change the social ills in this country. We must make use of every economic resource available to profit Black America and not just make White people rich. I challenge all my brothers and sisters in the Black Community all over America to unite and start empowering and building their way to the PROMISELAND. It has been 33 years and we have a ways to go to reach the Promiseland.

The Promiseland by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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