by A.B. Wilson Jr.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2002 there were many calls for American unity. There were American flags every where. There were signs saying "God Bless America and "United We Stand." President Bush decided to go to war and punish the people believed to be involved in the terrorist acts. Bush to a degree succeeded in bringing down the Taliban in Afganistan and arrested many members of the Alcaida network. They still have been unable to find Osama Bin Laden.

Bush in my opinion failed to truly unite this country as a people. Bush proved to be a war hawk. He failed to bring all Americans together. This country has never been truly united and it looks ominous that it ever will be. The leadership in this country has been spending the past several months trying to improve intelligence and deny what they knew about the terrorist acts. All that is left is a tragic situation that gets more and more tragic. This needed to get closer and pull together, but our leaders have failed to eliminate hate groups and racial profiling. There is still poverty and organized crime is still in control. Racism and labeling are still part of this country. Many have lost touch with it is to truly be united. Our leaders failed to see the value in having a united America. The terrorist that are Americans need to punished.

Many of the leaders have failed to truly bring people together. Some leaders want to get keep a divide. The want to keep all the ole boys in total control. Bush is pushing a welfare program that has very little logic and healthcare is out of control. There is very little unity in this country. Some people have their own agenda that does not include certain people. In some area of the South I have seen the despicable sight of the confederate flag. That confederate flag should be burned.

All those signs and the American Flags. What has happened to all that unity? Things are still the same.

Still Not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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