Morality - A Personal View

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

For many years in this country many so-called moralist have tried to express their views of morality. I will concede there are many areas where Americans are lacking in moral character and proper moral values. There is a need to address ways to slove the problems of poor mroal values, but it seems that these so-call moralist only focus on issues like infidelity or homosexuality. Some of these moralist believe they have the right to pass judgement on another individual's personal behavior and their personal choices. Another individual's personal behavior is nobody else's business. What a person does in their private life is their choice. The fact is, if a person keeps their personal lives and professional seperate it does not concern others. It should only concern those directly involved.

The fact is moral values involve a deeper and much more profound aspects of loyalty, respect for your fellow man -- hard work, self-discipline, and honesty., The immoral acts we should be denouncing are racism, hatred, labeling drug abuse, violence, police brutality, welfare, and invasion of other's privacy. The so-call moralist in this country are really a bunch of Right-wing hipocrites who choose to marginalize people that have different views. It is an excuse to avoid the real acts of immorality. Many of the so- call moralists are extremely narrow-minded. These so-call moralist sit in denial of the real problems of racism, drug abuse, welfare, street violence, and hate groups.

Morality has to do with respect and love for all people. Morality has to do with love for our fellow man. Morality embodies helping those in need. Morality is about strong families working together to prosper. Morality is about being yourself. Morality is about judging people by the content of their character. Morality is about bringing people together. It is love and help.

The so-called moralist are just damn wrong. These so-call moralist are just immoral.

Morality - A Personal View by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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