Many Miles Away

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

The heritage was stolen and chained away. A people dehumanized for no logical reason. People held in bondage for many years Stripped of all basic human rights. Viewed by the oppresser as second class people. Then there was a war and they were given a so-called freedom. The second class status continued. They only a skin color they choose not to see. The oppresser beat and killed and found way to find justification.

A struggle for freedom and cause a great of pain. Many people sacrifices their body and soul. Many stood proud. They forged ahead to right all those hideous wrongs. There were changes. Some changes were for better. Some changes have still coming a gradual pace. Laws were passed. More rights and freedoms were granted. Some of even hold public office. Some have risen to thought unimaginable. There are means for self-expression. There has been growth. It is a new day on the surface. There is much prosperity.

There is still a long way to go. There are many negatives that distort the progress. Some the op- presser still see the old chains and shackles. The oppresser refuses to relinquish their control. The The system still sees a darker side. The oppressor will try to keep you down. There are still some reminders that some aspects of the horrible past still exist. Some the oppressers wants to keep it pure. The power the oppressor has is very strong.

There are many roads to travel. There are many obstacles to overcome. The oppresser tries to divide and conquer. Some give in. Some just accept the wrongs for their selfish ends. Some abuse the freedoms and prosperity. The oppesser only sees the negatives every where. Their blood still stain the streets. They are victim of many violations. The oppresser still raging is denial or in disregard. Some fight with each other. Some deny who they really are. The road is very long. The path to the true place is in the distance Many Miles Away. There is so many thing that blur the way.

Many Miles Away by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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