The Man For The Country

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

It is a special day for me. It is Inaugration Day. I going to be the first Black man to be President of the United States. It is early in the morning on a clear cold January day in Washington, D.C.. I am alone in my room. The Secret Service is outside my room. My wife and 3 children are in another room not far away being protected. I have received some threats. That goes with the territory. I sit and read the speech I will give to the entire nation. I will be representing millions of Americans all over this country.

I still can't believe it President Earl C. Wilcox Jr.. My mother and my sister and brothers will be here. I only wish my father could be here. I remember him telling me some day there will a Black man in the Oval office and not just to clean it, but to occupy it. He fought for civil rights.

Here I am at the age of 50 and a Black Man about to take the oath of office. I did as an Independent. I took my case to the people and gave them a new vision. It is United Party. I have my cabinet in place and my vision is ready. I am nervous. I am trembling all over. My heart pounds to fast. This is a momentous occasion for and all of America, but most of all for Black America.

There is a knock at the door and one the secret service men allows my Vice-President Leon Hill. Leon walks and said" Good morning Mr.President." I respond "Good Morning Mr.Vice-President. This is amazing Leon. I never thought it would ever happen. A Black man in the White House as President."

Leon said " You told me you had a belief and worked hard to build on that belief. We made it happen."

I finished getting dressed. I shook Leon's hand and " We are a part of history. He we are 2 Black men President and Vice President in the United States. It is amazing. We have a major job and it won't be easy."

Leon said "We have alot of power. More power than most Black men will ever have."

I nodded my head and said "Yes we have the ul- timate power and there are some bigots out there who don't like it."

Leon said "I know what you mean. You and both have overcome many obstacles."

There is a knock at the door. A man in soldiers uniform enters and said "Mr.President and Mr.Vice-President it is time to go."

I say "OK." Leon and I exit the room. Escorted by Secret service and several soldiers. I see my wife Gail and my daughter Lisa, my sons Earl Jr. and Alan and my son-in-law John and daughter-in-law Grace and my mother and sister and brother. I greet my family. I look at all of them.

Gail hugs me and says "This is you day Earl. We are so proud of you."

I said "Thank you dear. I could not have done this without your love and support."

My mother hugs me and says "I'm proud of you son. God Blessed you to see this day come. I wish your father was here to see this happen."

I said "Mom. I can feel Dads spirit here. I could feel him throughout the campaign."

My mother said "Make this country a better place for all people to live in."

I said "I'll do my best Mom. I will do my best."

The band is playing Hall to the Chief. I can see a large crowd outside the state Capitol. Grace grabs my arms and says " Lets go dear it is time for you to lead this nation." The Seargeant at Arms leads the the Vice-President and his wife, Kim, myself and my wife, to the Capitol steps to take the oath office.

I stand before the Chief Justice with Grace by my side. I place my left hand on the bible and raise my right hand and say "I Earl C. Wilcox Jr. do solemn swear for faithfully protect and defend Constitution of the United States of America. I will so help me God.

I shake the Chief Justice's hand and kiss Grace. I shake my predessors hand. Senator Hill the Master of the Ceremony says " I want to introduce the President of the United States Earl C. Wilcox."

There is a lump in my thoat as I approach the microphone. I see all people present at the capitol and I know there are millions watching at home on television. I step to the podium and acknowledge the cheers from the enormous crowd. When the cheers stop.

"I want to thank you Senator Hill for putting this wonderful ceromnony together. There are some many people I have to thank for this day. I want to say most of I want to thank the American people. I want to thank for placing your trust in me to lead this nation. There are many problems that still exist in this country. I promise you today I will work to end all the existing problems in this country. I have a vision of an America free of bigotry and hatred. I have a vision of an America free of violence and corruption. I have a vision of an America free poverty and homelessness. I see an America where all people have the opportunity to achieve whatever their minds allows them to. I want to lead the way make the country stand up to his most profound meaning that all men are created equal. I will lead the way to providing access to opportunity for all Americans. I will lead the way to America for all Americans. There have been people in this country left out and left behind. I give you my word my fellow Americans no citizen will be left out. The ignorance and corruption of the past will be illiminated. A new day in American politics has drawned and I am going to lead you a America that is for all the people. This will be an administration that all Americans can be proud of. We make this nation a great nation. A nation that fufills the dreams of all its people. This a historic moment in history. This is new beginning for me and for all Americans. I have finally reached the Promise Land and I want to take all of American with me. God Bless America and Thank You."

The crowd cheers. I was filled many emotions. I was the leaders and now I have to lead. This is the Promise Land Dr.King talked about many years ago.

The Man For The Country by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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