Lite And Dark

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

The most memorable line in Dr.Martin Luther King's "Dream Speech" was " I want to live in a nation where my 4 little children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." That was an extremely profound statement. It would be very logical to say that it should apply how White people view Black people. We all should to be judged by the content of our character by all other people. There should be no restrictions in that judgement. It is extremely important for Black Americans to judge each other by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, but a continuing problem in the Black community is the fact of Black people being partial to color.

There are some fair skinned or lite skinned Black Americans who have the audacity to berate and criticize their fellow Black Americans whose skin color is darker. Some lite skin Black American feel they are physically more attractive than darker skin Black Americans. It is bad enough that White people put awful labels on all Black people, but when Black people label and berate each other on the basis of skin color it is very frightening and totally wrong.

The foolish lite skin Black Americans such ignorant beliefs are playing right into White peo- ples Divide and Conquer strategy mentality. It is very clear that White people fear Black American uniting, so they do all they can to keep Black people divided to maintain that social and economic control. To most white people all Black Americans are the same to them regardless of pigment. The fact is the many Black Americans believe the closer they are to being White or they are accepted by White people the better they are. Some lite skin people think by mistreating darker skin Black Americans gives then a way to score points with White Americans. Many Black people are terrified of offending White Americans, so they will lash out an attack fellow Black American who happen to have darker skin. There have horable labels placed on people who are classified as being a dark skin Black American. The most complex aspect of this situation many of these lite skin Black Americans face bigotry and abuse for White people, but they continue to poisen world with the horrific ideology that being a lite skinned Black American is better that being a dark skin Black American. There is simpley no logic to this type of thinking. The fact is a person should have unfair and narrow-minded labels placed upon them. It is exactly what the White bigots in this country did and in some still do to all Black people. How can we expect others to respect you if you refuse to respect each other.

The idea of the ludicrous attitude among lite skin Black American toward Black Americans is another example of Black Americans to independent and united. There are many Black Americans who believe we need the approval of White Americans for everything we say, do, and think. Labeling is wrong. It was wrong White against Black and it even more wrong Black against Black. A the nature of a person's pigment is not is important. It is the person within. Black America should realize that Black is beautiful no matter what shade. There is no reason to feel superior or feel inferior because of your color. We all need to remember Dr.Martin Luther King's Dream Speech and try to judge each other by the content of their character. It ia time to stop this nightmare of label people by lite and dark and make Dr.King's dream a reality.

Lite And Dark by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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