Debt Not Paid

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

For many years there has been talk about reparations for slavery. I agree that reparations for slavery are necessary. Slavery was in the 19th century. I will say debts are owed for many circumstances that have occurred during the 20th century that Black Americans are owed. Situations like violence White hate groups on innocent people and the deliberate destruction of property owned by Black people. The legalized segregation laws that denied Black people access to education and career opportunities. The continuation of blatant discrimination by the government and corporate America against Black Americans for the years in the post slavery era and the entire 20th century. The unfair criminal injustice system. A system that lynched, killed, and imprisoned many innocent Black people without any due process of the law. The white criminal injustice system continues today with Racial Profiling and gutless cops shooting young Black males in the back and then justifying the action. The continued inability for many Black Americans to gain access to capital to take part in the American Dream.

For most of the 20th century Black people were considered inferior to White people by the United States Government. White people labeled and limited Black people to maintain a level of social and economic control. That control continues to exist and vast majority of white males will do what ever it takes to continue the mastery. The will divide and conquer or even kill. All these things happened after slavery. The amount of people who over the years were forced to take jobs or make career choices due to segregation or racism that were far below their qualifications. There are many Black Americans who should be compensated for this denial, violence, and hatred of the 20th century. Affirmative Action cannot remotely make up for years of neglect and denial. The amount of money the Black Community put into this economy over the past 30 years alone should be recognition enough that there are many debts that have gone unpaid. The sins of the 20th century have to be redeemed.

There has been far to much violence. There is far too much hatred. There has been limited access to opportunity. There has been denial of basic human rights. Black Americans have suffered the marginalization at the hands of White people and the government. Suffered the inequities of a racist and unfair society. There are debts for an unfair criminal injustice system. There are debts for all the career and job opportunities denied. There are debts for all the violence and property destroyed. Reparation for slavery is valid. Extend those reparation to the 20th century for lynchings, segregation, the criminal injustice system, and the denial of education. Black Americans have given far too much in blood and sweat to the growth of this country. These debts need to be paid.

Debt Not Paid by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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