The Color Of Human Rights

by A.B. Wilson Jr.

There are many American politicians and members of the media who are very critical of Hu- man Rights in places like China, Cuba, Iraq and North Korea. They are quick to emphasize the violence and poor treatment by the government of these military dictatorships toward their citizens. While a great deal of what is stated about the many human rights violation is true and I totally agree with and I find it terrible for any human being denied basic rights.

All the talk of human Rights violations existing in other countries displays a great deal of hypocrisy when the fact there have and still are numerous human rights violations that exist in the United States. Many Politicians and the memebers of the media choose to ignore the many acts of hatred and ingnorance that exist right here in the United States. The unfair and racist criminal justice system and existance of right wing hate groups and racial profiling by police departments is a prime example of some of the human rights violation that exist in the country today and have exsited for many years.

It was said the the United States fought World 2 to save the world from facism, but the United States government allowed the south to be segregated by law. For many years lynchings were legal in this country. Black Americans human rights were violated in country for many years. I was until 1964 when Civil Rights was passed into law. Still there continue to be many human rights violations in the country. The continued growth right wing hate groups and the failure of the government to stop them. The blatant denial by law enforcement officials to acknowledge that milicia groups, KKK, and right wing demo gogs are the main cause for most of the problems that exist in the country. The United States government has chosen to marginalize people of color and violate the basic human rights of its citizens.

It is clear that Human Rights in the country is of of a certain color. When it is somebody for another country is wrong and the politicians and the media become outraged by when a Black American is victimized by the police or the government the politicians and the media will always find some reason to justify the action.

The city of New York justified the killing of an unarmed Black man by 4 police officers. The government failed to acknowledge the fact the two high school students in Littleton, Colorodo had access to neo-Nazi web sites. This government in the late 1960s worked to stop the Black Panthers and succeeded, but white supremist hate groups are allowed to continue that racist activities and violate the rights of people of color. Many of the situation that the media and the political leaders criticize other countries for are far worse right here in this country. A Black man who was elected sherriff in a county is Georgia was shot to death on his front porch in front of his wife and children in December of 2000.

The fact that the racist state of South Carolina is still flying Confederate Flags above the state capitol. The Confederate flags is symbolic of slavery. Slavery is the worse form of human rights. Still this government is more concerned about criticizing Fidel Casto and Saddam Hussian. There people who live right here in the United States who are very quick to marginalize people of color. The criminal justice system chooses prosecute who and how they choose and the unbalance justice that exists is clear violation of human rights. The government could stop the white hate groups or right wing milicia groups. The Unites States is run by White men and they want to keep it that way. This why the color of human rights is on viewed from the white male perspective.

The United States has much to be ashamed of in the area of human rights. This country has absolutely no right to talk when it come to human rights as long as situations like racial profiling by police departments, right wing milicia groups, white supremist hate groups and an unfair criminal justice emphasize that the United States is guilty of numerous human right violations. Over 60 years ago the United States fought World War 2 to save the world from facism. Facism still exist in this world and it is not in China, Cuba, Iraq, or North Korea, facism exist in the United States and in the United States Human Rights comes in degrees of color.

The Color Of Human Rights by A.B. Wilson Jr.

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