Beautiful Women

by Ameen Abdullah

 To all women shining with elegance 
one of the best creations god ever sent 
realize your a blessing carry brothers in your wombs 
to all the good strong women your rewards will be soon 
some of you do things that you shouldnt have to do 
some of your attitudes really have to improve 
not every brother is a thug or a goon
shouldnt have to impress with your butt or your boobs 
shouldnt have to use sex to get what you want 
shouldnt have to have another guy call you %#&@$! 
your all beautiful I wish that you knew
that if you look hard enough theres that right man for you 
shouldnt worry about how that other female looks
shouldnt have to chase after the thugs and the crooks
shouldnt have to prostitute yourselves to get paid
shouldnt have to resort to being on your back getting laid 
a lot of these brothers are pretty much a joke 
with patience and hope never keep your eyes close 
you will find the brother who will always keep you close 
and will work with you and will never let you go 
a lot of you sisters it hurts for me to say 
some of you have attitudes that turn dudes away 
but some of you are righteous  but get treated harsh 
be with these dudes who really break your heart 
but with patience and hope you will make the right choice 
and stop worrying about these immature boys 
find yourself a man who will do the best 
who when you think about makes your heart beat out your chest 
not a brother who will leave your heart a mess 
but one who will make your mother and father impressed 

Beautiful Women by Ameen Abdullah

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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