Forbidden Fruits

by @AA
Ganja's first embraces,
Prizing inner door,
Passageways suggested,
Where none known before,

Humour's inner linings,
Adding weight to mirth,
Inner ears extended,
To where sounds gave birth,

Over the horizon,
Faster than daylight,
Overloading senses,
Beyond smell or sight,

Inside darkest Africa, 
There's a mystery, 
Challenging all knowledge, 
Fruits of single tree, 

Known to local tribesmen, 
Elders on their way, 
Memories' resurrection, 
Every living day, 

Bitter given answers, 
Unthought of before, 
Terrifying vistas, 
Beyond inner door, 

Senses give protection, 
Fear delimits words, 
Thoughts many directions, 
Truth measured by thirds, 

Alcohol a mirage, 
Destiny for fools, 
Withering set visage, 
Seeking desert pools,

True guide inner chilling, 
Sensed by opened doors, 
Short cuts then more thrilling, 
Chamfering past laws, 

Religions many faces, 
Than what's spoken for, 
Beware first embraces, 
Prizing inner door!

No knowledge forbidden,
Just who wants it more,
Reasoning things are hidden,
Marking character's flaw,

Life provisions trial,
Setting Nature's hold,
Unready grasping file,
Held in mystery's fold.

Those who gather waters, 
Pooling deep insight, 
Merging from odd quarters,
Setting out first light, 

First to cherish offspring, 
Last to bid goodnight, 
Opening Nature's wellspring,
Beyond smell or sight. 

Wisdom's first embraces,
Prizing inner door,
Passageways suggested,
Where none known before,

First fruits inner linings,
Pruning comforts girth,
Inner voice contending,
Where such words gain worth. 

Forbidden Fruits by @AA

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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