Should I

by I-Xpress

Should I?
Should I give my heart?
For you to break it all apart
Pieces of my heart mends back together well
Let me know if you want me, please do tell
It started one night during the club scene
It felt comfortable to dance, freak and lean
Lean on you
Because at that very moment I thought of you as my "Boo"
A hug, a smile, a gentle caress
Lead me to believe that I would'nt regress
Going back to feelings and questions of loneliness and what could have been
To sum it all up means I would be by myself once again
So should I give my heart to you?
For you to break it all apart
Having a man to be with me is something I may crave
But not at my loneliest hour shall I become a slave
A slave for you
Meaning being the worker in our friendship
or relationship whatever the case may be
I'll tell you what I want your time, space and the air that you breathe
The question is, "Ask and you shall receive?"
Will I?
Receive all of you without complications
Will you give yourself to me without hesitation?
Can i possibly fit into your lifestyle?
Maybe, but it will take awhile
I understand how i should not let things get the best of me
But when it comes to my heart it tends to hurt very easily
Should I?

Should I by I-Xpress

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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