Our Black Love, Our Marriage

by I-Xpress

Our Black Love, Our Marriage
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Through the years
Imagine this
A wonderful life in our midst
A work of art
Till death do us part
Our black love
Pure as a dove
In spite of
Temptations of the other gender
Outside of our sect
Threatens the emotional bond
between the two primary lovers waiting for them
to disconnect
Our black love is strong
we rise above all of that and our sect our family
stays firmly intact
This love is so strong that on one will ignore
Our nurturing ability
and growth in a relationship that endures
No one will take us of our own free will
They will have to have us
bound and gagged and then we still will not keep still
The hard work we have gone through
to build this business, this great constitution
Our black love tells us
that this doesn't have to be an illusion
Marriage is the concept
Marry is to unite
Age is a period of time we take love's flight
Marriage is not a bad word or an illusion
It's just that you have to decide
the fate of it's conclusion

Our Black Love, Our Marriage by I-Xpress

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