How Could You Say You Love Me?

by I-Xpress

How could you say you love me?
When sometimes you look at me 
and envision someone else's face

How could you say you love me?
When I open my mouth to speak
All you can think about 
is being with her just last week

How could you say you love me?
When I might say "Baby let's go somewhere"!
And you act as if you don't care

How could you say you love me?
When we're at the table eating breakfast, lunch or dinner
You sit there and proclaim her to be the winner

The winner of your love and affection

I can't understand
But it's okay since you wanna be someone else's man

A whole year I knew of you and just like a man 
you kick me to the curb
How could you? You got some nerve

How did you do that you ask of me?

She became your girlfriend in a short matter of time
But all you could think about 
was "nobody gettin' no more of mine"

It's funny that you feel that way
And you contradict yourself each and everyday

You say one thing and really mean another
What is the reason brother

Like Donell Jones "you don't know where you wanna be" 
Oh I get it, you like having two women for your

She's your girlfriend and I'm your friend
The freaky shit has got to end

I'm quite sure you have her thinking she is the only one

When you know goddamn well 
she is one of many or maybe one of few

But I'm not to far behind with those stats, 
dealing with a man like you

Behind closed doors
You give all the affection
You give me undivided attention

You tell me you miss me
And then in the same breath you kiss me

You make love to me like I'm the only one
But it's not just me you're also having fun

But then when it's all over and done, you go on
your merry way
To be the knight in shining armor for the other lady


How Could You Say You Love Me? by I-Xpress

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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